The objects for which the Federation is established are :
  • Censorship

    To sponsor and introduce. Legislative and other measures for; the purpose of regularizing the actions of the various boards ' of censors and specially to provide for:

    • Uniform and Quick Censoring

      Competent, uniform and quick censoring of films in India.

    • Representation on Censor Boards

      Proper and adequate represritation of the Federation or the film industry on such censor board or boards.

    • Minimizing Interference

      To minimize interference with the trade and industry by such censor boards.

    • Internal Censorship.

      To set up a censorship organization by the Federation and/or its constituent units.

    • To otherwise act in all matters relating to the censoring of film.

  • Communication with other bodies.

    To communicate with Chambers of commerce and other mercantile and public bodies whether in India or outside India and concert and promote measures for the protection and of person engaged therein.

  • Legislations

    To give the Legislature and public and other bodies and others, facilities of conferring with and ascertaining the views of persons engaged in the Film Industry as regards matters directly or indirectly affecting the film industry.

  • To confirm with the members of the Union Parliament and Government and/or the Legislatures and Government of a State in India and/or with members of other public bodies and with other officers in all matters affecting the film Industry.

  • Encouraging Photography

    To encourage photography in all its branches ‘and whether amateuror Professional.

  • Forms of contracts and settlement of disputes

    To arrange and promote the adoption of equitable forms of contracts and other used in the film industry and to encourage and promote the settlement of disputes by conciliation or arbitration, and to act as or nominate arbitrators and umpires on such terms and in such cases as may seem expedient and to assist in the formation, development and maintenance of boards of conciliation and / or arbitration.

  • Inventions

    To encourage the discovery of an investigate and nale lulo in the nature and merits of invention which, may seem capable of being used by persons engaged in film industry and to acquire any patents or licences relation to ally such inventions with a view to the use thereof by the Federation or by the members oi the Federation and other, Either gratuitously or upon such terms as may seem expedient.

  • Promotion of Interests

    To promote and assist a spirit of fair competition amongst the various classes of persons engaged in the film industry and its various Branches and to maintain and encourage researches in respect of the making or production or in any other matter in which the Federation may be interested by granting stipends, bonuses, busubsidies, scholarships, passage moneys, rewards and prizes and either for purposes or carrying on advanced studies in this country or for the purpose of proceeding to any foreign country with a view to carrying on research work or specializing in processes of manufacture or studying methods of manufacture or for any other purpose tending to further the interest of the Federation or the Industry.

  • Property Service

    To establish and maintain "A property service" either singly or in concert with practice’s and manufacturers in order to obtain for the members the use of such property.