The objects for which the Federation is established are :
  • Branches

    To establish branches, or local or subsidiary bodies and to appoint representatives of the Federation in any State or States in India or in any territory outside India.

  • Donations etc.

    To accept any bequest, devise, gift or donation Whatsoever (Whether of money or of property of any description) and to apply the same or the proceeds of sale or realization thereof for the purposes of the Federation or to invest the same or such proceeds and apply the income arising there from for any of the purposes of the Federation.

  • Finance

    Generally to obtain money for the objects of the Federation in any lawful manner and to invest, apply or deal with the same in such manner as may be considered the most desirable for giving effect to such objects.

  • Movable and Immovable Property.

    To acquire by gift, donation, purchase, taken on lease or otherwise, lands and all other property movable and immovable, which the Federation for the purposes thereof may from time to time think proper to acquire.

  • Patents, Licenses, etc.

    To apply for, purchase or otherwise acquire any patents brevets d' invention, licensee, concessions and the like conferring an exclusive or non-exclusive or limited right to use any secret or other information in relation to the Film industry or as to any invention which may seem calculated directly or indirectly to benefit the Federation and to use, exercise, develop, grant licenses in respect of or otherwise turn to account any such patents, brevet" d' invention licenses and the like and the information aforesaid.

  • Research.

    To make experiments, encourage, or do research work in connection with any branch of the film Industry and to take or purchase over the results thereof and to protect any inventions of the Federation by Letters Patent or otherwise.

  • Concessions, Grants, etc

    To acquire from any sovereign, State or authorities in India or elsewhere any concessions, grants, decrees, rights, powers and privileges whatsoever, which may seem to the Federation capable of being turned to account, and to work, develop, carry out exercise and turn to account the same.

  • To enter into any arrangements with any Government authorities suprem municipal, local or otherwise that may seem conducive to the Federation's objects or any of them and to obtain from any such Government or authority any rights, privileges, and concessions, Which the Federation may think it desirable to obtain and to carry out, exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges and concessions.

  • Negotiable Instruments

    To advance, deposit or lend money, property to or with such persons, firms and corporations and on such terms as may seem expedient and to discount, buy, sell and deal in bills, notes and other negotiable or transferable instruments, securities or documents.

  • Guarantee

    To guarantee or become liable for the payment of moneys or for the performance of any obligations and to transact all kinds of guarantee business, and also transact all kinds of agency or trust business.

  • Investment

    To invest and deal with the moneys of the Federation not immediately recruited in such manner as may from time to time be determined.

  • Federation's Premises

    To construct upon any premises acquired for the purpose of the Federation any building or buildings and to alter, add to or remove, any building upon such premises.