2016 Calendar of FIAPF Accredited Festivals


x Cartagena
(Lbero and Ltin-American films)
02-March 07-March
x Sofia
(First and Second feature films)
10-March 31-March
xx Brussels (Science Fiction)
(Fantasy and science fiction films)
29-March 10-April
x Istanbul
(Films on art: literature, theatre, music, dance, cinema and plastic arts)
07-April 17-April
x Jeonju
(Films of new directors)
x Transilvania (Cluj)
(First and Second feature films)
27-May 5-June
x Sydney
(New directions in film)
8-June 19-June
x Valencia Jove
(New directors' films)
17-June 24-June
x Sarajevo
(Feature and Documentary Films from Central and South-Eastern Europe)
12-August 20-August
x Kitzbühel
(young directors' films)
22-August 28-August
(films produced in Europe, Central Asia, Asia)
19-September 25-September
x Namur
(French-language films)
30-September 07-October
xx Busan
(first and second feature films)
06-October 15-October
x Sitges
(Fantasy films)
07-Octoberh 16-October
x Antalya
(Films proeuced in Europe, Asia and Middle East Countries)
16-October 23-October
x Mumbai
(First features)
20-October 27-October
x Kyiv
(Young dierctors' films)
22-October 30-October
xx Minsk
(Films produced in Baltic and Central-Asian Countries, Central and Eastern Europe and Russia)
4-November 11-November
xx Stockholm
(Films on new cinematographic orientations)
9-November 20-November
x Kolkata
(Women directors' films)
11-November 18-November
x Gijon
(Films for young people)
18-November 26-November
x Turin
(New directors' films)
18-November 26-November
x Courmayeur
(Police and mystery films)
Dates to be announced
x Kerala (Trivandrum)
(Films from Asia, Africa and Latin America)
9-December 16-December
x Competitive section for short films    
xx Non-Competitive section for short films
  *Most Festivals are in the process of accrediation