The objects for which the Federation is established are :
  • Manufacture of Raw Film, Etc.

    To encourage the manufacturer of machinery, equipments, raw film and goods required by the film industry.

  • Film Laboratory, Studios, Theatres

    To establish and maintain an up-to-date film laboratory for the use of the members and other persons engaged in the Industry, on such terms as may be agreed upon and to establish a studio or studios or 3 school or schools, to establish a theatre or theatres for the use of members or other persons engaged in the industry and to Establish and maintain a technical staff for advising on the various matters relating to film technique.

  • Finance

    To arrange or the adequate financing of the industry on suitable terms and conditions.

  • Protection From Unethical Practices

    To protect all its members and their constituents against persons or entities who carry on unfair and/or unethical practices or who discredit the film industry.

  • Protection of Members' Rights

    To protect by all and legal means the rights of its members and their constituent in their respective contracts and/or agreements in the event of a default or breech of any nature whatsoever

  • Protection From Unworthy Persons

    To protect the members and their constituents against persons Whose character or circumstances render them unworthy of mercantile relations and to facilitate the prompt and economical realization of the estates of bankrupts and Persons making or seeking to make arrangements for compositions with their creditors.

  • Supply of Information

    To procure information for members and their constituents as to the standing and responsibilities of parties with whom they propose to transact business.

  • Procuring Reduced Rrates

    By combination, or as may be determined, to procure for members and their constituents reduced rates,for any class or insurance against loss by fire or any other contingency and for railway-and other carriage or against statutory other legal liability.

  • Laws and regulations concerning the Industry

    To take all necessary action in relation to the laws and regulatione concerning the film induntry and censoring of films in India and to create and maintain harmonious relations with the authorities whether supreme, local, police, municipal or others and without prejudice to the generality of the above to do all or any of the following acts, deeds and things.

    • Representation

      To correspond with and appear on behalf of the members or the film industry before all authorities.

    • Advice

      To act on behalf of the Film Industry and to advice, if called upon, any such authorities.

    • Privileges

      To obtain sanctions, privileges, advantages, relief’s, cooperation for any authority interests of the industry.

    • Legislative measures

      To suggest, promote, or oppose legislative and other measures affecting the film industry and to obtain changes and improvements in the law relating to the industry.

    • Protection of and. Legal, Aid to Members.

      To protect the interests of the members or. The Federation And those engaged in the industry and to help them by legal Aid given freely or otherwise and by presenting to the proper Authorities’ the cases or such person, members and others Engaged in the industry as may require help and support.